Quick and Easy Ways to Get Rid of Unpleasant Drain Odors


You walk into the kitchen or bathroom and a foul smell accosts your senses. You look around for something dead or rotten, but frustratingly there is nothing to be found. Does it ring a bell?

Stinky drain is something with which everyone has had a run in with at some point in their lives. Maybe you are dealing with it right now.

Drain odor is mostly occurs when the pipes get clogged by stuff like food, hair, grease and other similar debris. All these substances combine together to form horrible mulch which bacteria love to feast upon. This can lead to something much more sinister than a smelly drain as clogged up plumbing can cause sewage gases and water to rise up the drain.

Studies have revealed that pathogens present inside the sewage can cause infections and diseases such as diarrhea. Here are a few quick-fire ways to combat drain odor and prevent it from rearing its ugly head again.

Manually Getting Rid of the Clogs

This is the most basic way to get rid of drain odor (although a little disgusting). Obtain a drain snake and insert it into the drain. Try and dislodge whatever is stuck inside and is causing the pipe to clog up.


Hot Water, Bleach Vinegar and Baking Soda Combo

Sometimes, everything you need to get rid of the stench is in close proximity to you. One well-rehearsed stink-fighting technique is using hot water and bleach.

However, make sure the water isn’t scalding hot as it may harm the joints and fittings in the pipes. Unplug the stink and let the water drain. Bleach is a very good bacteria killer and this may end up being a solution to the drain stink.

Note: This method isn’t a long-term solution. It’s reactive; not preventive. For a permanent solution, call a plumber.

Fixing Plumbing Issues

You have tried all the do-it-yourself remedies but to no relief? It may be that your problem is located deep in the plumbing where it is not easily accessible. Sometimes, there are leaks in the pipes which cause mold and mildew. If this is the problem, call professionals to deal with the issue.  They will scan your plumbing for vents and leakages and make replacements and repairs where necessary.

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