Reasons for a Clogged Drain and How to Prevent It


Clogged drains are the most commonly occurred plumbing issue.  Even though they can be easily prevented with regular good habits and some caution, there are still too many instances of neglected pipes which get clogged.

If drains are left unclogged for too long, it can cause the pipes to start corroding and lead to sewage backup. Before you have a bigger mess on your hands which can escalate, identify what’s the reason behind frequent clogged drains and what you can do to prevent them.


Bathroom drains consume the hair most. Your hair can make its way to the shower drain, sink, and bathtub and even in your laundry.  Not just hair, but dental floss and threads from your clothes can also get mixed up with the hair and slide into drains. Hair specifically tends to be greasy and sticks easily to other things that are found in drains, such as grease and soap. This obstructs the flow of water and causes a blockage.

What you should do: Avoid brushing hair in the bathroom where strands can find their way into the pipes. If you see a hairball or a clog, immediately pull it out. Reach out to a reliable plumbing service to install guards on the drains to catch hair.


Other bathroom clogs are all thanks to soap residue also known as soap scum. This can also stick to hair and other things found in the drain and restrict water flow because it can reduce the diameter of the pipes.

What you should do: The only way to thoroughly clean these pipes is by asking a plumber to pressure clean the drains. To prevent this from happening, try avoiding using soap heavy products.

Toilet paper

It’s a common misconception amongst most people that toilet paper can be easily decomposed in drains. That’s not true because excessive toilet paper can block your flush and make it difficult for water to pass through the pipes.

What you should do: Avoid dumping too much toilet paper down the drain. Grab a plunger and try to unclog. You can also ask a plumber to help you unclog it.


There are some food items that make their way into the drainage system, despite garbage disposals. Coffee grounds and tea leaves, for example, are not broken down easily. Hence, they make their way into the pipes and build up to clog the pipes. Even grease and oil from other foods can get stuck in pipes.

What you should do: Avoid putting food waste in drains and opt for setting up a compost bin instead. Wipe down plates with grease on them to lessen the risk of clogging the pipes.


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