Residential Plumbing—5 Most Common Problems


Every homeowner experiences plumbing issues from time to time. Some of these issues are negligible and can be ignored, while others can pose serious threat to the health of their property and should be fixed right away.

Here are a few common household plumbing issues that should be resolved soon.

1. A Dripping Faucet

Dripping faucets are a common household plumbing issue that most homeowners tend to ignore until it becomes worse. Dripping faucets result in water loss and can increase the water bills in your home.

2. Leaking Pipes


If you begin noticing wet spots on your flooring or ceiling and cracks on your foundations and walls, chances are, you have a leaky pipe behind the issue. Plumbing leaks not only cause water damage, but increase your water costs.

Moreover, as per the US Environmental Protection Agency, plumbing leaks waste about nine-hundred billion gallons worth of water per year in the US.

3. A Running Toilet

After flushing, water gets filled in a tank and lifts a float. When the water in the tank reaches a particular level, the float shuts the water off. A lever is used for opening a flapper for flushing the toilet. This flapper returns to its original place as soon as the level of water drops.

When any component of this mechanism malfunctions, it may result in a running toilet. Running toilets can waste a lot of water and should be fixed right away.

4. Water Pressure Is Low


Low water pressure is a common problem in older homes. Reasons for this issue can range from corroded pipes to a hidden plumbing leak in your property.

A professional plumber can look into the matter and get to the root of the problem. Depending on the underlying issue, you may just need to replace your showerhead or repipe your entire house.

5. Water Heater Issues

Nothing ruins a perfectly good morning than a cold shower!

Water heater issues are another common household plumbing problem that continues to plague homeowners. Depending on its maintenance, an average water heater can serve well for 8–12 years. If yours is causing trouble, get the problem fixed by a professional plumber to avoid cold showers in the future.

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