Save All the Taps from Clogging in Your Home


Don’t you hate it when a tap in your home gets clogged? Life’s already too busy and a clogged tap just makes things worse. You can’t do dishes until it’s fixed or continue cooking because every time you open the tap to fetch water, the sink gets messed up.

But you can avoid this unnecessary hassle by preventing clogged taps and sinks. Here’s how:

Be careful of what you pour into sinks

Sinks get clogged because of what you put in them, so avoid any food particles from going down the drain. Even if you have a garbage disposal, there are some foods that you should never dispose of in it like potato skins, eggshells, and banana peels because they don’t fully grind in the garbage disposal and stick to the drain. Make sure you put the leftover food in bins and not in the garbage disposal.

Grease and oil are the worst troublemakers for your sink, so never pour down the drain because the residue sticks to the pipes and clogs them. Instead, pour the oil or grease in an empty jar when it cools down and then throw it in the bin.

Keep the sinks clean

The first step in preventing clogging is keeping the sinks and drains clean. So every time you do the cleaning, don’t forget the sinks. Rinse them daily so the residue and debris don’t build up.

After every use, run hot water down your sink as it melts away any particles and keeps the sink clear. You can use vinegar to clean the sinks as it has acetic acid, which acts as an organic solvent and saves the pipes from the buildup of particles. Baking soda is also an excellent cleaning agent that can absorb foul odors in the drain pipes.

Watch out for the shower and bathtub

Hair that falls during shampooing or while shaving can clog the drain pipe quickly so it’s best you prevent hair from entering the drain. When the soap scum and toothpaste combine with it, it can soon turn into the worst clogging nightmare! So use a drain cover and try to comb your hair before you shower. While cleaning, take the drain covers off your bathtub or shower and remove all the hair and other particles that have accumulated there.


Call a professional plumber

If the sinks in your home still get clogged, its best to get professional help because if you try to unclog it on your own, there are high chances that while you may fix it in short run, you might end up making the problem worse by ruining the pipes.

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