Should You Repair or Replace Your Toilet? Know the Signs!


For something as indispensable as a toilet, it’s not possible to ignore any faults or breakdowns, even for a day. The average person uses a toilet seat around 2500 times a year. Because of this regular use and importance, it should not only be cleaned at regular intervals but also inspected and repaired as needed.

There are a million things that could go wrong with your toilet. If your toilet has a faulty flush, you could be forced to live through foul odors. If some part of it is broken, you could end up paying hefty water bills due to leakages. If your toilet starts back-flowing, you might also find your bathroom floor covered in sewerage.

Here’s a brief guideline that will help you know when you should get your toilet repaired or replaced.

When to repair

Some of the indicators that your toilet is in need of repairs include the following:

  • Your toilet is running: If water is always running through your toilet tank, it can be a nuisance. The noise itself can be irritating, and a running toilet is also constantly flushing out water, hiking up your water bills. A likely reason could be that your toilet’s flapper seal isn’t fully closing. This usually happens when the toilet is old and the flapper chain has corroded away.


  • Your toilet doesn’t flush: This is more troublesome than a running toilet, because you have to deal with the foul odors that are associated with human excrement. If you’re using an old toilet which has a lift chain and it’s broken, it might be difficult for you to flush. Other reasons could be a clogged drain, or just not having a sufficient amount of water in the tank. These problems can be easily solved by a plumber. You don’t need to go through the hassle of buying a new toilet seat altogether.

When to replace

There are certain situations you just can’t come back from. Here are a few which require you to replace your toilet:


  • The porcelain is cracked: We often ignore cracks because they appear small in size and harmless. What you view as a minute crack in the porcelain of your toilet seat can eventually break out further, however, flooding your entire house. If you don’t pay much heed to a cracked toilet, you might soon incur the extra costs of getting your entire floor replaced. Also, at times, bacteria make its way into the cracks, making it difficult for you to effectively clean it.
  • It’s always asking for repairs: Like every other item in the house, toilets also have a certain lifespan after which they need to be replaced. If yours has crossed that age, it’ll probably need repairs frequently, costing you a lot of money. When toilets become too old, they tend to clog up on regular basis causing the owner to plunge it every now and then. Also, newer toilets are more efficient in terms of how they run the water. At times, old toilets also make you pay more than a newer one would.

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