Signs It’s Time For You To Replace Your Toilet


Bathrooms are a stress-free zone of a house where each member gets the ultimate me-time.

A small leak or clog can keep you from enjoying your downtime. To prevent your bathroom from turning into a flood-zone, keep an eye on the star player – the toilet.

An increase in the number of repairs and clogs are a sign your toilet needs to be replaced. To keep you on red-alert, we’ve compiled a list of signs that identify a replacement.

Increasing blockages and clogs

A clogged toilet is a messy situation that needs to be avoided at all cost. Low-flush toilets are accustomed to frequent blockages. But if the frequency of clogs increases by 2 or more clogs a month, get your toilet replaced.

Toilet repairs multiply

If you spend more time fixing your toilets than actually using it, replacement is your best option. It’s better to spend one-time replacement cost, than financing frequent repairs.


Let a professional inspect your toilet, before purchasing a new one. When replacing the toilet, look for water-efficient toilets with sleek designs.

Aged toilet

Wear and tear calls for a replacement. Old models tend to waste more water and need more repairs. Upgrading to the latest plumbing technology is always beneficial in the long run. To save money and water, upgrade your toilets with a dual-flush toilet. This model provides control over the flush pressure, which can help save water.

Wobbling toilets

Does your toilet wobble when you sit on it? Get it evaluated as a shaky structure is a sign of loose bolts or water-damaged surface. If the problem is with bolts, the repair will be easy and quick. But the water-damaged floor will take more time and money.

Leaky toilets cause water accumulation on the floor, which leads to rotting or decaying of the surface. Moisture seeps into the surface and softens the floor, which shakes the toilet’s foundation.

Toilets and mineral deposit

Delicate parts like siphon tube, flappers, and flush valves get damaged due to mineral deposition. Areas that are supplied with hard water are likely to face this problem. Mineral deposition prevents proper water flow and decays toilet parts. Get a water softener to reduce the impact of hard water and get your toilet replaced.

Cracked tanks

Puddles around the toilet indicate a crack in the tank. Your toilet may be working fine, but a leak in the structure of the tank or bowl can make it redundant.  Add some food color in your tank to detect cracks. Inspect the toilet for colored puddles and call a plumber immediately.

Flush problems

3 to 5 gallons of water along with your money is flushed down the drain, every time you push the flushing lever. Re-evaluate your water wastage and consumption levels and opt for water-efficient toilets and tanks.

Low-flush tanks perform the same cleaning job in 2 gallons of water. Upgrading to smarter technologies will also reduce your water bill.

Apart from all these reasons, bathroom renovation or change in the paint color can warrant a new toilet. Choose a water-efficient toilet and get installation from a reliable plumbing services Boca Raton FL, like Your 1 Plumber.

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