The Events That Influenced Modern Plumbing


Being born in an age where humanity has made unprecedented advancements in science and technology has made us take many of the things around us for granted. Perhaps one of the most underappreciated facets of modern society is the plumbing system. The system which brings fresh, clean water in our homes and helps us get rid of dirty, wastewater.

Here we take a brief look at the events which helped influence modern day plumbing.

Starting from India, around an area known as the Indus River, archeologists discovered what was the first man-made water pipe system dating back to 3000–4000 B.C. Roughly around the same time, the Egyptian ruler Menes ruled over a thriving civilization and constructed irrigation ditches, basins, and canals.

Fast forward a millennium and Egyptians started to develop pipes made out of copper to build complex bathrooms with sewerage and irrigation systems inside pyramids. The idea behind this was the belief that the dead required clothing, food and other necessities in the afterlife. Perhaps nowhere in human history have the dead brought the living so much benefit. Around the same time, sitting toilets began to appear in Harappa, India.


Around 1500 to 1000 B.C, the people of Crete under King Minos created elaborate drainage systems and sewerage disposals in underground channels. It was during this period as well that the first flushing toilet with a wooden seat was also invented. We offer our sincerest thanks to the late King for allowing humans to feel the comfort of sitting down on a chair while taking care of their business.

The year 710 B.C saw Sargon the Great, an Assyrian king, invent the first shower by ordering his slaves to climb ladders and pour water over him while he took a bath! Needless to say, the man was a genius.


There isn’t much that the Roman Empire didn’t achieve or develop. They are credited with developing complex plumbing systems along with underground sewers, public baths, aqueducts, and bronze and lead piping systems.

In 1596 A.D, Sir John Harrington, the godson of the Queen, (Elizabeth the first) proved to be infinitely useful than his godmother by designing the first flush. It was used in Richmond Palace and the contraption featured a bowl, a seat, and a water cistern behind to flush away the waste.

King Louis XIV of France gave orders for the construction of the cast-iron plumbing line. This line carried water across 15 miles from the station all the way to the palace.

The mid-nineteenth century saw The White House have a plumbing system on the first floor and fifty years later, Chicago became the first city in the entire country to have a comprehensive drainage system.

Around 1966, wartime requirements resulted in a shortage of copper which meant that piping systems started to be constructed out of plastic.

All of which brings us to the present. Hopefully, after reading this blog you now have a renewed sense of appreciation for the plumbing system in your homes. Contact us now and avail the best Outdoor Plumbing Services Palm Beach County.

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