Things to Consider When Remodeling Your Bathroom (From Plumbing Perspective)


It just doesn’t fit in with the look and functionality that you want it to have.

Your bathroom – it needs a complete remodel!

And where the color and finish of the tiles, improved lighting, shower sills and fitting your bathroom with luxury elements form the part of your primary considerations, you might end up overlooking plumbing considerations involved in a bathroom remodel.

After all, it is the most boring part of the project. But important—arguably more important than all other remodeling considerations!

What are the plumbing considerations to make when remodeling your bathroom?

Here is a list of the most important ones.

Consideration #1: Your Plumbing Pipes

What type of plumbing pipes are currently installed in your bathroom? Have you been using the old polybutylene, lead or galvanized steel pipes?


If so, then they need replacing too. Because these pipes of old are not highly reliable and they eventually wear out. They will have to be replaced, if not today then tomorrow.

So, while you are at it — remodeling your bathroom — it’s a better option to replace them now with modern plumbing pipes. Delaying their replacement would only end up costing you more in money and sanity—not to mention the inconvenience it would bring of later ripping through the newly fitted plumbing fixtures and laid flooring.

Consideration #2: Plumbing Fittings Connected To Your Old Toilet

old-toiletsRelocating the toilet is a popular request in most modern bathroom remodeling projects. But moving a toilet is not an easy task to accomplish. Together with your toilet, you also have to relocate the existing plumbing fittings – waste pipe, water lines and vent pipe.

For waste pipes, you have to rip up the floor, cut through the running network of pipes and then refit them. With vent pipes, you will have to remove the interior bathroom walls. Repositioning water lines is comparatively an easier task.

Make sure you hire a certified plumber for this part of your remodeling project.

Consideration #3: Drain Size

size-of-drainResidential plumbing systems are typically designed with one-and-a-half inch pipes for drains. Since you are remodeling your bathroom, this is the ideal opportunity to rework your drain size and increase it.

Larger drains are less likely to clog. However, not all remodeling projects allow the flexibility to increase drain size—there can be limitations imposed by pre-existing plumbing. In such cases, an experienced plumber would be able to guide you better.

Before you start with the remodel of your bathroom, we encourage you to keep these three important plumbing considerations in check.

When you need help of a licensed and experienced plumber in Delray Beach to assist you during your bathroom remodeling project, don’t hesitate to reach out – we are here to serve you!

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