Tips for Keeping Your Bathroom Mold-Free


Bathrooms are likely to develop mold and mildew due to their particularly inviting conditions—such as heat and moisture. Once developed, mold is hard to eradicate, unless you call a professional for help.

Mold is a kind of fungus which appears on ceilings and walls and in tile grout and recessed corners. The presence of mold brings many health problems with it, including coughing, skin or eye irritation, and lung diseases. In 2004, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) confirmed traces of mold spores in adults and children with upper respiratory tract diseases. These spores are very buoyant and travel through the air and into the body with ease. People with existing allergies or medical conditions are at higher risk of being affected.

The best way to get rid of the mold is to stop it from growing in the first place. Let’s talk about a few cleaning tips that can help combat mold and mildew formation in your bathroom.

Install a fan

Fans ventilate air throughout the bathroom; this has the dual effect of preventing stagnation and facilitating evaporation, reducing moisture in the process. Make sure to turn the fan on before and after a shower to get rid of any leftover moisture on the walls and the ground.

Fix Any Leaks

Mold growth doesn’t just occur from water that builds up after a shower. Hidden leaks under the sink or in your toilet can also cause moisture build-up.

Since it’s easier to fix a leak than remove mold, be vigilant if you suspect a leak in your bathroom; try to fix it right away or bring in a professional.

Clean the Bathroom Linens

One easy way to fend off mold is to keep your bathroom mat, rug, and towel clean and dry. These linens stay in your bathroom for extended periods of time, and become a home to bacteria. Washing them once a week will help prevent any growth and keep your bathroom healthy.

Run a Squeegee

If you want your bathroom to be cleaner and healthier, you may want to get yourself a squeegee. Running a squeegee on the tiles and the walls before leaving for work may seem like a task, but it has lasting beneficial long-term effects.

These cleaning tips can keep germs and fungal spores from accumulating, preventing mold growth in your bathroom. Unfortunately, unfortunate circumstances can arise despite preventative measures.

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