Toilet Replacement vs. Toilet Repair. What Should You Do?


Is your toilet recently causing you a lot of trouble? Maybe it needs fixing? Repairing the toilet sometimes removes different toilet issues that can often bother people. But sometimes, these issues keep on emerging, which forces you to replace your old toilet with a new one. Toilet repair is a tough task, and people should always go for toilet repair experts or licensed plumbers to find the cause of the problem. Only they can properly tell you if your toilet needs fixing or you need to replace it.

But one should also have a basic know-how of when the toilet needs repairing or when replacement is the best solution. It can save you a lot of trouble and money. According to a research survey, toilet leaks are frequent, and around 20 percent of all toilets leak sometime in their lifespan. These toilet leaks cause trouble to you and the country as water leaks account for about 10,000 gallons of water wasted each year.

Following are some factors to determine when to replace the toilet and when it needs fixing:

Toilet Needs Repairing

Following are some factors which can tell you that your toilet needs repair. Contact a dependable company for toilet service in Boynton Beach, Florida, and nearby areas.

Toilet Water Level Is Low

If someone has just flushed, the water level in the toilet tank should remain constant. Examine whether the toilet tank shutdown valve was mistakenly locked as the water level dropped. A lower water level might indicate a partial toilet obstruction if this isn’t the case.

Clogged Toilet

It’s natural to have a clog now and again; most of the time, people can solve it themselves using a plunger. However, if the clogging is more frequent, one should look into it. Many things shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet.

Only bodily waste and toilet paper should be flushed. If something else is flushed, the toilet might get clogged, needing repairs.

Toilet Tank Leak

Water should only go down in the toilet when people flush it. If you notice that water is constantly running down into the toilet, your toilet may need proper repair. A worn flapper valve might be the reason. Contact a water expert to fix it.

Toilet Needs Replacement

Following are some factors that can tell you that the toilet needs to be replaced.

Cracks In Toilet

Cracks can be dangerous. They can result in toilet leaks, and they can also make your toilet smell bad because of unpleasant leaks. These cracks often grow with time because the toilet is used regularly. So, if you notice a crack, maybe it is time to order a replacement.

Toilet Needs Constant Repairing

Another factor that can lead to toilet replacement is if the toilet needs constant repairs frequently. If you feel that the problems are becoming more common, consider a replacement.

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Get The Best Toilet Repair Service In Florida

Whether you decide to repair the current toilet or go for a new one, it’s completely your decision. But consider the factors mentioned above for making an informed decision. Several firms in Florida offer toilet repair and replacement services. Your 1 Plumber is a plumbing firm that offers residential plumbing services for different issues. Our services include sewer cleaning, plumbing repair, water leaks repair, etc.

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