Types of Plumbing Pipes Used in Homes


There are numerous options to choose from when it comes to plumbing pipes. Whether you hire a plumber or take on a project, it can be confusing for you to decide which one to get. Each pipe is used to serve a different purpose. Pipes were usually made with galvanized steel or cast iron in the past, but now with a diverse range of types of pipes for water supply, drainage, sewer and the exterior, there is a lot more opportunity to choose the best one for each task.

PVC Pipe

Polyvinyl Chloride pipes or PVC is prominently used in drain and vent lines. This type of pipe became the most popular choice for use because it’s lighter and fairly easier to work with compared to galvanized steel pipes which were used traditionally. It’s also easier to install and can be glued easily using solvents. Since it is flexible and significantly cheaper to install, it can be used in most parts of the home.

Flexible Copper Pipe

These types of pipes are called tubing and are used for final runs to other appliances in your home like water heaters, refrigerators and some sinks. It can be easily bent so it’s easy to fix it around corners. It also has relatively high heat tolerance and can be adjusted in unusually shaped places.

Rigid copper pipe

These kinds of pipes are most frequently used for the lines inside the homes where the water supply runs through. It has minimal risks which makes it ideal for water related use. It also handles heat well and can withstand higher pressures. It’s relatively inexpensive but does require professional services for installation.

PEX pipe

PEX is also known as cross-linked polyethylene and is one of the newest pipes introduced in the plumbing market. It is rigid enough to be able to withstand high water pressure but it also has the flexibility to be fixed behind walls, ceilings, basements and crawlspaces. It is ideal for water supply.

Steel pipe and Cast Iron

These are pipes found in older homes and not used that often anymore. They are used for drainage, water and gas supply. It is not used for water supply anymore in new construction and remodel projects as there are chances for the surface of these pipes to corrode and mix into the water supply.

Cast iron pipes are often used for sewage and drainage purposes. However, they’re prone to rusting and can be difficult to cut as well.

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