Ways To Get Rid Of That Awful Smell In Your Kitchen Sink


If there is a foul smell coming from your kitchen, your first instinct would tell you it’s the trash or rotten food. But it could very well be the kitchen sink.

The kitchen sink can emit foul odors that are really difficult to get rid of.

There could be several reasons why a kitchen stink may start to stink. Here are some reasons and how you could possibly deal with them:


Like most homeowners, if you have the habit of dumping oil or grease into the kitchen sink, clotted grease in the drain is likely the cause. When the grease starts to decompose, it starts emitting rotting smells that goes up the sink and into the kitchen.

Grease also collects food particles, which makes the smell even worse.

While pouring a mixture of baking soda and hot water may abate the smell for a bit, you will need a professional cleaning of your sink in order to ensure that the grease is removed.

Garbage Disposal

Oftentimes, chunks of food get caught up with the blades of the garbage disposal. When these chunks of food start rotting, they start to stink.

This mainly happens with garbage disposals that are old and there is too much garbage being dumped into it. Call a plumber and get your garbage disposal cleaned. You may also want to consult the plumber on the proper use of your garbage disposal.

Drain Trap

If the smell coming from the kitchen sink is not rotten, but more like a sewer, then it probably means there is a problem with the drain trap.

The drain trap is U shaped pipe directly beneath the basin, which is used for preventing sewer gas from coming up through the drain and into the kitchen. This mainly happens when the kitchen sink hasn’t been used for a long time, because the water in the drain trap gets evaporated.

However, there could be other problems with the trap, which only a professional plumber can identify.

Drain Vent

Other than a trap, there is a drain vent that is supposed to prevent sewer gas from travelling up the kitchen sink. It is a long vertical shaft that connects a house’s main sewer line to the outside air.

When the drain vent gets clogged, the sewer gas may find its way up the sink and emit foul odors into the kitchen.

Give us a call if you’re kitchen sink smells. We will ensure that any problem with your kitchen sink is resolved within the same day and you won’t have to live with it for long.

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