What Are Some Of The Reasons For Clogged Drains?


Things can escalate quickly in faulty plumbing situations. A small annoying drain can transform into a flood in no time.

Clogged drains prevent water flow, corrode pipelines, and cause sewage backup. To maintain a free-flowing plumbing around the house, keep your drains clog-free at all times. Here is a list of common items that cause clogged drains.


Hair is the biggest culprit of bathroom clogs. Strand of hair stuck in the drain, capture oil and other substance, which prevent water from draining. Avoid hair blockage by preventing hair fall in the first place. Firstly, install drain guards. Secondly, limit hair shedding in bathroom by brushing your hair, before stepping into the shower. Lastly, remove hair clogs, as soon as you see them.


Soaps are cleaning agents; how can they clog a drain? Soaps are made from fats and oils that contribute to obstruction of the drain.


When fats and oil combine with minerals found in the water, they create a thin film of residue on fixtures, fittings, and insides drains. Pressure cleaning can clear the buildup in your drain.


Food is on the non-flushable list, but some sort of food waste always makes it to the drain, even with the presence of a garbage disposal. Foods like coffee ground and tea leaves don’t decompose and are hard on the drain.

On the other hand, oils and greasy gravies solidify in the water pipelines, when exposed to cold water. All this creates a blockage and damages your plumbing. Use wastebaskets or garbage disposal to discard food. Break the food into small pieces before throwing it in the garbage disposal. Moreover, don’t ever use drains as oil or grease disposal, use the dustbin.

Mineral deposition 

Hard water worsens clogs and blockage situations. Hard water is rich in minerals and causes deposition in pipelines and drains. Install a water softener to reduce the impact of hard water. Regular de-scaling may be required depending on the sediment buildup in your drains.

Paper buildup 

Most people believe that toilet papers decompose in the water, but that isn’t the case. Too much paper waste can block your toilets. Use a plunger to fix the clog, if this doesn’t help, call a professional for help.


Outdoor drains get clogged due to leaves and foliage. Clean your gardens well and keep drains free of leaves. Moreover, tree roots are attracted to moisture. This makes your drains and pipelines an ideal candidate for roots infestation.

The preventative measure needs to be undertaken for the smooth running of your plumbing system. Keep your drains clog-free by:

  • Running boiling-water in your sink once or twice a week to clear grease and soap buildup
  • Use vinegar and baking soda solution for short-term fix
  • Run garbage disposal with ice to clear grease
  • Install drain guards
  • Avoid flushing small items or paper in the toilet
  • Clean drains, after you shower

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