Drip Drip Drip—What To Do When There Is A Water Leak!


Nearly 10% of homes in the U.S. have leaks that cause water wastage of up 90 gallons per day.

Dealing with a water leak isn’t always simple. Until you get a professional plumber to arrive, you need to do whatever it takes to minimize the damage. If it is beyond your power to stop the leak, you need to at least fix the problem—albeit temporarily.

Locate the Stop Valve

Your first priority should be to turn that water off ASAP. The main water cut-off valve might be close to your water meter (if there is one). Fixtures like toilets and sinks have their own individual cut-off valves for you to find.  Leaky refrigerators are the reason behind 15% of all water damage claims.  So don’t forget to check in the kitchen.

Most likely, your stop valve will be a metal tap which can be rotated to turn it off. Remember that in a typical room, the stop valve is almost always placed on the ground floor—the place where you will use water.

In case of an internal water heater, check for the valve on the pipe going in to the water meter. For houses that have an attached garage, the valve could be situated there.

To cut the long process short, make sure you and your family members are aware of where the main water cut-off valve is. Water damage can be significantly reduced if the timely action is taken to stop the excessive flow of water.

Damage Control

It is important to switch off the electricity at the fuse board. Next, turn on your smartphone’s flashlight and find a towel to wrap around the leak. Restrict the amount of water spraying out by turning on the taps to decrease the water pressure.


The Best Thing to Do

There’s nothing better than a professional’s help to fix water leaks. Instead of going through all that trouble, why not give Your1Plumber a call? Whether it’s leaks behind walls, plumbing fixture leaks, slab leaks or underground leaks, we can fix it in a jiffy!

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