Why Chemical Drain Cleaners Are Poison for Your Drains

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Chemical drain cleaners are marketed as a convenient and inexpensive solution to clogged pipes. They are easy to find in any hardware store but they can be quite deadly for your home. Experts of drain cleaning services in Palm Beach County have found that chemical drain cleaners can have dire immediate, long-term effects on your plumbing system.

The Dangers of Chemical Drain Cleaners

Most chemical drain cleaners rely on harsh chemical solutions to burn through any clog in your pipes. While it may clean your pipe, the chemical reaction occurring in your plumbing system creates gas and heat. This can cause the PVC pipes to soften and become more susceptible to leaks. Any old metal fittings, seals, and caulking will also begin to corrode from exposure to such harsh chemicals. You may end up calling drain cleaning services in Palm Beach County frequently to repair your plumbing.

These chemical drain cleaners are also really harmful to the environment. The residue from the chemical can leach into the soil and groundwater, which is really harmful to animals, plants, and people living in the area.

Chemical drain cleaners also release harmful fumes, which can cause burns to the eyes, skin, and internal linings of your lungs. Even if you are being really careful with how you use the chemicals, they can find their way back up drain if your pipes leak or burst. It can even cause burns on the skin if some of the chemicals sprayed onto your skin during plunging.

It is better to call expert drain cleaning services in Palm Beach County rather than waste your money on chemical drain cleaners. You can also invest in natural alternative cleaners that don’t damage the septic system or pipes. In the long run, it will cost you more to deal with the leaks and corrosion of your plumbing system than calling the plumber.

Safe Alternatives for Managing Clogs

There are also some other ways to deal with clogs in your drain than harmful chemical cleaners. These include:

  • Plunging the clogged pipe can create enough pressure to dislodge the blockade in your pipes.
  • DIY drain unclogging cleaners are also common. Vinegar and baking soda can burn through the clog if you give it some time to work.
  • Professional drain cleaning services in Palm Beach County is the most reliable, safe and efficient option for your plumbing system. Professional plumbers can inspect and locate the clogs in minutes and using the right method and safe tools, they can clean your drain easily.

While chemical drain cleaners seem like a good option, they are the worst solution in the long-run. It is better to go for safer options like natural alternatives and professional plumbers rather than risk hurting your plumbing system.

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