Why You Need To Descale Your Hot Water Tank

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Every two years, you should descale your system. Dissolved solids like sediments, minerals and lime scales are left behind when you heat water. This builds up in your water heater with time, resulting in decreased performance and circulation. It may even end up causing your tank water heater to overheat, necessitating the services of an urgent plumber for possibly expensive repairs.

You’ll need a water heater servicing that includes limescale removal to maintain your water heater functioning.

Here’s what goes wrong if you neglect this crucial aspect of water heater upkeep.

Your Water Heater is Costing You More

When limescale builds up at the water tank bottom, the water heater takes more time to operate, and you’ll have to wait even longer for hot water.

If your power bill rises, especially during peak cooling and heating season, it’s a sign that your water heater needs servicing.

You’ll also notice trouble with the heating source since your water heater needs to work harder. 

You Are Experiencing Strange Noises from Your Heater

The first clue you will need to descale your hot water tank is the noise it produces. When a coating of sediments and limescale thickens enough, it may produce a variety of noises.

A rumbling sound may indicate the presence of sediments since the hot water passes through the sediments making a rumbling sound. When loose material settles at the tank bottom, it traps bubbles, which then burst and make a popping sound.

If your water heater is making a lot of noise, it’s time to descale it. Otherwise, your device might become damaged. The sounds will usually stop, but it does not indicate the problem is fixed. It’s a sign that the scaling on the tank’s inside has hardened to the extent where the water can’t filter through it anymore.

You’ll Still Be Short On Hot Water

Limescale reduces heat transmission into the water tank, limiting the quantity and temperature of hot water. This causes insufficient hot water from the tank.

Fortunately, descaling a water tank heater may solve this problem and improve heating performance.

Descaling Will Make Your Hot Water Tank Last Longer

The greatest approach to prolong the life of your hot water tanks is to descale them. Excessive scale building causes the electrodes to fail early, reducing the amount of hot water available.

Hire Delray Beach Plumber

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