Why You Should Maintain Your Kitchen Drain Stack


Plenty of us can admit to being neglectful when it comes to giving thought to our kitchen drain stacks. We rarely think about all the things that we discard in the drain as they go down. Most of the food we eat, in fact, is rich in grease, fat and all kinds of oils that tend to stick to the drain pipes and cause clogs and backups.

Your kitchen can sometimes be the most unclean room in your home, but it’s also where you cook your food and eat. It’s important to make sure the kitchen is at optimal functionality and you should make sure you don’t ignore the sink while you’re at it.

What is a kitchen stack?

A kitchen stack is what they call the pipes that run within a building from one kitchen to another and then literally stack onto each other. People who live in condo buildings will know what it’s like to share the drainage system with other residents of the building. Every time someone rinses off soap, grease, vegetable waste, meat trimmings or even tissue paper, it flows down this vertical pipe and into the sewerage. Over time, it tends to cool and clog slowing down the drain and eventually clog the entire pipe.

Why it’s important to maintain your own kitchen drains?

When lots of people share the plumbing of their houses, one person’s problems tend to affect the rest as well. That means you’re not only responsible for how you maintain the cleanliness for your own home, but also that any negligence can impact all the residents. Not only is that inconvenient and poor neighborly ethics, it can be very costly for everyone to fix the problem, when it gets out of hand.

It is also extremely unpleasant when pipes get clogged because it causes mold to start forming inside. This lets out a very distinct smell so when you start to catch a whiff of that, it’s a good sign to immediately call a plumber to take a look. It could be the smell of corroding pipes as well and it’s better to catch it as soon as possible.

If you are looking to reduce the chance of drain clogs consider installing a garbage disposal. What is a garbage disposal? We have you covered in the guide.

What should you do?

There are many preventative measures you can take such as avoiding the disposal of unpleasant items such as egg shells, rice, pasta or coffee grounds and tea leaves.

It’s also a good idea to have your pipes professionally cleaned by your communal plumber.

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