Sewer Pipe Relining — The Best Solution For Drainage


Large-scale plumbing problems can have devastating financial repercussions. For instance, whether you’re a resident or a commercial property owner, sewer repair costs have always been heavy on the pocket.

However, advancements in technology have made processes like sewer pipe relining more cost-efficient while also minimizing property damage in comparison to conventional repairs.

Pipe relining mitigates the need for the landscape and ecosystem to be dug up, minimizing damage, costs, and potential injuries. It’s an ideal solution for drainage compared to traditional sewer and plumbing repair. Need more reasons? Read on.

Minimizes Landscape Disruption

Conventional plumbing requires a lot of excavation work, which drastically increases the time the process takes. One of the primary benefits of trenchless pipe relining is that it doesn’t require extensive digging, leaving your lawn, pathways, and driveway absolutely undamaged. Minimum disruption to the surrounding area also means a faster turnaround time.

Reduces Cost  

Relining is the most cost-effective alternative to sewer maintenance. Since there’s no digging involved, the cost of heavy equipment goes down greatly. With no heaps of piled debris and holes, you even save on restoration and clean-up costs.

Stops Roots Invasion

Pipe relining introduces the addition of epoxy lining, which strengthens the pipe, thereby, eliminating the chance of root ingress or leakages. The epoxy lining is molded into the existing pipe, sealing all the gaps and cracks.

Improves Flow

The epoxy lining ensures a smooth surface inside the pipe right after installation. Compared to concrete and cast iron pipes, epoxy lining facilitates water flow without any obstruction. Calcification impediments don’t get attracted to epoxy, eliminating the presence of impediments.

Lasts Longer

Most homeowners prefer relining due to its longevity. Epoxy linings have the strength to last for years without damage. This is because it reinforces the plumbing system. In the long run, this means a much higher return on investment.

Sewer pipe relining works in most of the cases but there a few cases where physical limitations make it unviable. Get in touch with us at 561-403-1500 and have a plumbing expert answer all your queries.

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