Smart Ways You Can Save Up On Water Bills


Letting the tap water run while you brush your teeth or shave can result in a loss of nearly 5,700 gallons of water per year. Our routine activities involve a large amount of water wastage. Increased population growth coupled with depleting levels of clean water has not only resulted in rising water bills but also opens to door to a possible water crisis in the future.

In this blog, we share a few smart ways you can reduce your water bills.

Replace the Guzzlers

Your old appliances may still be getting the job done; however, they aren’t very efficient when it comes to saving on water and electricity. When purchasing newer appliances, purchase ones that come with WaterSense labels. These products run using 30-50% less water and electricity allowing you to save on both water and electricity bills. Also, consider using front-load washers as opposed to top-loading models as they utilize more water.

Be Mindful of the Hose

When cleaning the cars, sideways or driveways, don’t just rely on the hose. Sweep away debris and dirt with a broom and turn off the hose between car rinses to reduce water wastage.

Collect the Rain

Areas in which rain is plentiful can provide a decent amount of water supply. Consider purchasing a rain barrel to collect roof runoff. You can also construct your own rain barrel from plastic garbage cans.


Attach Aerators to the Faucets

An aerator causes the faucet to use lesser amounts of water while increasing the pressure. It’s attached to the faucet head and uses air to act like a sieve.

Check for Leaky Faucets

Not only can the sound of dripping water drive you insane but also considerably spike up the water bill over time. Such leaks can result in a loss of thousands of liters of water per year. Other leaks resulting from broken pipes are far more difficult to identify. It always helps to get your plumbing system checked every 6 months to prevent water wastage.

Watering the Lawn

Water the lawn early in the morning or late at night. This allows the water sufficient time to sink in and not get evaporated by the mid-day heat. Also, many homeowners engage in over-watering and use far more than what is required. Adjusting the timer of your sprinkler system will prevent it from staying on for too long. You can also get a hold of drought-resistant and native plants which require much less water to survive.


Preventing water wastage not only results in lower water costs but makes you a responsible member of society. Water preservation is crucial in ensuring a quality standard of living for the coming generations. Our plumbers offer expert services related to water leak detection in Palm Beach County and can help you reduce your water bills considerably! Contact us today!

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