Tankless Water Heaters vs. Conventional Water Heaters—What’s the Best Option?


Water heaters are a necessary comfort. Not to mention that they add a ton of resale value to your property’s value if you invest in the right option. But what kind of water heater should you choose?

Going with a traditional option seems fine and dandy. But with new and improved tankless water heaters on the market, you’re more confused than ever.

So which one is better? Let’s compare!

A Look at the Traditional Water Heater

Traditional water heaters are quite functional and durable. With a lot of storage and the capacity to pre-heat 30–50 gallons of water, they really do get the job done.

In comparison to tankless options, traditional water heaters cost less to install. Affordable to boot and easy to replace as well, with fewer installation issues, there are fewer issues resolve if anything does go wrong. However, the traditional option is difficult to place, and can take plenty of space.

These heaters also add to your utility bill since you have to heat and re-heat your water. You can also run out of water, which is a major inconvenience, especially in the winter season. In addition, these tanks have a short lifespan, 10–15 years.

A Look at the Tankless Water Heater

The tankless water heater uses a specific heat source (it could be gas or electric), to heat up the water on-demand, whenever needed, rather than storing water in a tank and heating it up.

Although costlier than the average tank heater and more complicated to retrofit, the tankless water heater nevertheless is a better option in the long-term. Smaller in size, this heater can be fitted on a wall, and it won’t take up space.

Durable enough to last more than 20 years, this heater is an investment if you consider its long-term benefits. Given that it delivers hot water on demand, it helps save water as well, and is energy efficient to boot.

Which Water Heater Should You Choose?

If you’re on a budget and don’t need to use hot water as much, a traditional heater might suit. Otherwise if you’re planning to make an investment in your family home, a tankless heater is the best choice.

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